26 September 2016

well YOU get a gold star, sir.

"salam. I am good man looking for my woman. my woman must be virgin, good cook and good decorator.  are you this?"

19 September 2016

them:  You are very very beautiful I want to get to know you because you look so good
me: most women who wear hijab probably don't appreciate being sexualized by complete strangers, nor do I care what you think of my appearance.  I find your message disrespectful.
Them: I respect women all the time no matter what they are wearing
me:  perhaps you should look up the word "respect."

18 September 2016

um, the worst ice breaker yet

Other Person:  You are very nice and pretty. May I ask you question are you virgin?

Me: (block)

03 September 2016

yea, TOTALLY want you now. (eye roll)

Me: Salam.  Your profile doesn't say much. Tell me a little about yourself? What do you like to do for fun, etc?
Him:  ".....I am financially secure looking for wife. Have my MBA, work in SF live in freemont....will you share a picture?"
Me:  I actually find you sort of off-putting, I'm sorry. I don't think we would be a good fit. Good luck to you on your search. Masalama.

Him: Don't waste people's time just sit at home and be the bitch u r

and this on one of those sites aimed at 'younger' more 'modern' muslims. vomit.