26 August 2016

The Wallahbros continue:

"My name is Mohamed really want to know more u if that possible you very attractive i want  talk to u in private u know"

really? No, sorry (not sorry.)

I am not trying to be rude, or mean, with these people and their messages.  I am generally, I think, nice and respectful to people who message me, even if I am not interested.  But messages that focus on what the sender thinks of my appearance, that could have been sent to anyone, that don't show any sort of actual interest in me......just, why? Why send these messages? Why would I want to talk to you? You clearly see me as a generic american muslim women you find attractive enough. There is no acknowledgement of anything I have written in my profile. Some days I despair of ever finding anyone I actually want to be friends with, let alone spend my life with.


23 August 2016

Wallah Bro of the day:
Hi, how are you? I am interested in being with you for respectable purposes.  Are you married?  My number is (edited).

22 August 2016

 Today's installment of Wallah Bros Messages!

Setting: Okcupid

Him (random dude in morocco, whom I have never spoken to before.) :
"how pretty woman like you still single by the way am muslim too if you want talk and learn lol,i really interested in talk to you ok what is your telephone number"
"this message is incredibly inappropriate so I highly doubt there is anything I would want to learn from you. Firstly, one ought to greet another muslim appropriately, most would say 'assalam alaikum.' secondly, I clearly state in my profile I am only looking for people living in North America. Thirdly, I do not wish to be objectified and don't give a shit what you think of my appearance. I doubt most hijab-wearing muslim women appreciate being called pretty by complete strangers. 'pretty' is a social construct and nothing to be complimented on-it is not an achievement. it is genetic lottery. Masalama. "